How to play slot machines

Playing slot machines in a casino can be quite exciting.

But sometimes it can be dangerous, causing a disease that is akin to drug addiction – ludomania. Flashing lights, harsh sounds and the very situation make my head spin. You can lose control of yourself, which, in fact, is what all these effects are designed for. Slot machines always attract the attention of casino visitors, and that is why they bring the greatest income to the institution. Do you want to try your luck? In this article you will learn how to do it.

Join some bonus program offered by the institution.

Such programs offer players bonus points depending on how much you play, with their help you can snatch something “for free”. Compare the programs of different casinos or gaming sites and try to find something that is most profitable for you.
As a member of the club, you can receive new interesting offers by mail or the Internet. During the low season, casinos often try to attract customers with free lunches, a game or a hotel room. If you are going to spend money anyway, it will be more profitable to join the program.

It is important to know exactly what you need.

There are three different types of slot machines, payouts, popularity, and the way of playing differ, but the principles of operation are generally the same. Here’s what you need to know:
You can pay with a winning ticket, a customer card or cash. The winning ticket is often (if not always) inserted into the same hole as the cash. Which bills the machine accepts depends on your country and currency.[1] The money entry holes are always brightly lit and perfectly visible.
Most of the machines no longer issue coins, so the search for such a one-armed bandit may take some time.

The way of playing on most slot machines is usually painted on the scoreboard directly above the screen. It indicates the type of game, payouts for various dropouts, information about the jackpot. If there is such a scoreboard, then it is better to look at everything carefully. Some cars are frankly preferable to others.

Find the “Cash Out” key. It is with its help that you will be able to wake up from the stupor of the casino and
return to the normal world of clocks, windows and non-free drinks. By pressing the key, you can pick up the check and go to the cash register or the vending machine – of course, if you win.
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Think about what is preferable for you.

slot machines can surprisingly quickly lose a decent amount of money, even faster than in some board games. There are also different betting limits on different slot machines, so choose something suitable.
As a rule, if you need to bet more money to hit the jackpot, then you need to bet (why play if you can’t win?). So if you don’t plan to get your hands on your grandmother’s inheritance, then it’s better to play small things. In addition, it will help to stretch the money for more time.

If it is difficult for you to understand all the variety of slot machines, and the casino resembles a maze (some of them are so specially built), ask the waitress or someone from the staff.

Don’t believe the casino’s plans.

Of course, when placing slot machines, casino employees are guided by some strategy, but it’s quite difficult to figure out everything right away. Moreover, with the help of modern technologies, the payouts of the slot machine can be changed with a click of the mouse. So think twice before asking that pretty employee a question.

The concept of a “lucky” automaton also defies logic. In fact, a slot machine is like a pair of dice. After four drops of a six, the probability that six will fall is still 1 in 6. This is the law of large numbers. The same is true with slot machines, after each spin, the probability of a winning combination remains the same. Interest on payouts is collected after a huge number of spins.[2] .

Master the game on multiplication machines.

Playing there for a coin, you get a certain amount of money. Playing for two coins, the amount becomes much larger. Playing for three coins and winning, you will get as much as if you robbed a bank.
Increasing the bet does not increase the chances of winning, so you can not bet the maximum in the game. if you bet a little, then you will win a little, bet a lot – you will win a lot, but the “number of wins” will not change.

If you want to save money, look for cars without discrepancies when betting on coins. If there is a chance to win a jackpot of 2000 with a bet on one coin, 5000 with a bet on 2 coins, and 45000 with a bet on 3 coins, it is better not to play. Imagine what will happen if you bet a coin and you get lucky! You’ll swear all the way to the bar.

Bet on several combinations.

If you bet on combinations, always bet on the maximum. For one coin you can bet on the center line, for two – on the diagonal, and for three – all 9 fields. This also works with symbols. Imagine, you bet a coin and 7-7-7 will fall out diagonally! If you choose such a car, it’s better to break the bank or go home.

In other words, the machine does not increase the amount of winnings if you bet more, but the number of winning combinations. You buy what they pay you. And no, if a combination falls out and you haven’t paid for it, the machine “still” considers it a payment.
Some video machines work like this, but there is a separate section for them.

Play on slot machines with progressive payouts.

If you see a group of people sitting in a row at the vending machines, and a huge display with a real show above their heads, it means that the game is progressive. On these machines, the total jackpot increases after each spin. All the machines are connected and, having won the jackpot, the player receives a percentage from the entire game, not only from his own.[2]

In such a game, you also need to put the maximum. You can’t hit the jackpot without it. You can win a small one, but you won’t see a huge check with your name on it. If you want to spend time at such a slot machine (and in their defense, it should be said that jackpots reach astronomical amounts), then be ready to fork out.

Try video slot machines.

Here you also choose how many lines you want to buy and how many credits you are willing to spend on each line. On some machines, up to 500 lines on which you can bet, the rates vary.
It is not necessary to put the maximum, but you need to put it “on all lines”. Thus, it will not happen that you have a winning combination that will not bring you anything (because you did not bet on the line). The machine doesn’t care which lines you bet on, and it won’t change payouts accordingly, so bet on all lines and catch all combinations.

Video machines are now the most popular.

This is due to the fact that they regularly offer bonus rounds, random payouts and special events. In addition to animation, they also create the feeling of a game and an opportunity to win.
The lines can go diagonally, zigzag, forming the letters M and W and how else in different ways. You can win without even realizing it. Just play, enjoy, get bonus rounds and free spins.

Choose a game to your taste.

Now you know about different types of games, so you can walk around the hall, choose a free device and sit down to play. Insert your customer card (this will bring bonus points, even if you do not use it for transactions) and cash or the previous winning ticket.

Follow the on-screen instructions or read the instructions above.

If you have not figured it out or it seems that the machine is not working, call an employee (there is a corresponding key on the device).
When you are about to leave, click on the “Cash Out” key. A ticket will be printed, with which you can go to the cashier or ATM of the casino. After that, take the client’s card and, finally, take a walk and take a breath of fresh air.

Watch your manners.

The casino has its own special etiquette:
If there is a jacket on the chair or it is leaning against the car, it means it is occupied. Do not sit down, it will only lead to a conflict with another client.
Do not play on more than one or two machines at the same time. If there are at least some visitors in the institution, do not play on two. Do not spoil the evening for others with your maniacal desire to pull the handles of one-armed bandits.

If someone has hit “your” jackpot, don’t make a fuss. Who broke the jackpot. Computers go through thousands of possible combinations every minute, and the probability that you would have pressed a key in the right thousandth of a second is almost zero. Your chances of leaving the casino with money are even higher.[2]

Know your limits.

So, the following rule is important to learn and strictly observe: know your limits and, having exceeded them, immediately quit the game. Before you start gambling, determine for yourself how much you can afford to lose and with what winnings you will exit the game. Both are equally important, it is with the help of these limits that you will be able to exit the game in time.
Greed and the desire to win back are two of the most dangerous traps when playing slot machines. A pleasant and fun pastime can turn into something not at all joyful. Proceed with caution.

Come to the casino only with the money you will play with. Leave bank cards and stash at home or in a hotel room, this will avoid temptations.
If possible, distribute the money overnight. Determine how much you will spend for every half hour. If after half an hour you are in the black, postpone the profit and continue playing with the initial amount. If you lose the allocated amount, wait until the end of half an hour and then continue playing. The night will last much longer.

Place the lowest possible bets on the selected slot machine. This will allow you to play longer. If you play strictly on a budget, it is better to avoid machines with progressive payouts. Stick to playing slot machines with many lines and multiplication.