How to win at slot machines

Five simple ways to win in slot machines

Obviously, it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of a game that depends entirely on chance. But even in gambling, there are situations that allow players to cheat luck and go home on a horse, rather than stay under it.

Recently, a Reddit user found a loophole on the website of one of the online casinos and won $38 thousand with it. However, the player revealed himself and could not take all the winnings.

More experienced users prefer to systematically study the logic of the game and its algorithms in order to take advantage of one hundred percent opportunity at one moment and take their well-deserved winnings. In this regard, NV has collected five of the easiest ways to win in slot machines.

110 rotations
This is one of the simplest strategies that is suitable for both online slot machines and land-based slot machines.

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The essence of “10 spins” is as follows: if after 10 spins of the machine your pot turned out to be less than the initial one, you need to increase the bet and make another 10 spins in a short-term attempt to recoup.

If after the first 10 spins you are in the black, you can safely switch to another slot machine. According to the adherents of this method, the machine “gives” either at the very beginning, or will leave you without winning at all.

Raising the bet on the bonus round

  • This is a well-known trick that allows you to get additional profit on the so-called bonus rounds.
  • The implementation of this strategy is quite simple: start the game with minimal bets and continue until the winning combination falls out.
  • Then gradually raise the bet over the next 5-10 spins and wait for the bonus round at the maximum bet allowed for you.
  • Thus, the player can reach the last free spin, bonus round or prize game with a higher bet and, accordingly, get a bigger win.


According to this strategy, the player, regardless of losing or winning, must go from his minimum bet to the maximum, and then vice versa.

  • This conditional pyramid allows you to test the slot machine in different betting ranges and check how it reacts to changes in your mandatory payment.
  • The reason for the appearance of such a strategy is that some players believe that low bets have a higher chance of winning, and another part, on the contrary, advises to raise the stakes to win.
  • The Pyramid strategy goes against one of the most popular gaming systems, which is also called the “Martingale system”, and the essence of which is to double the bet in case of loss.

Win-win, Lose-lose

Judging by the name of this strategy, you can guess what its logic is.

Indeed, the algorithms of some automata can be repeated in certain cases. That is why experts advise to reduce bets after losing and increase them after winning. This strategy is also called the “Parliament system” or the “anti-Martingale” system.

In some of its variations, professional players are advised to return to the original bet after losing, and raise it only after the winning round.

Money management

Finally, let’s introduce a few rules for managing your own money, which any player who wants to finish the game with money and a good mood should know about:

allocate a certain amount for the game and do not exceed it; calculate the game time for yourself and also do not go beyond it ,finish the game after reaching the winning cycle,do not neglect the minimum bets at the beginning and at the end of the game;

avoid the largest possible bets, despite the winning cycle.Remember that there is no universal method that will allow you to win guaranteed in slot machines.

Use only proven slot machines in legitimate land-based casinos and high-quality software in legal online casinos. Before playing, it is better to read the reviews of casino users and choose a certain strategy for yourself.